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Blaž Šterk

Managing Director


Blaž Šterk graduated from the Faculty of Economics of the University of Ljubljana. Between 2001 and 2005 he was employed as a consultant at KPMG. He continued his career as head of the corporate finance department at Poteza, where he worked for two years. He joined Interenergo in 2007 where he has held several managerial roles. Since 2018 he is the Managing Director of Interenergo.

David Huber

Managing Director


In 2014, David Huber completed his studies in business sciences and economics at the University of Graz. In the same year, he started his business career at Kelag, where he worked as a manager of wind farms in Romania and Bulgaria. After six years, he assumed the role of Asset Portfolio Manager in 2020, where he was responsible for the international portfolio of renewable energy sources and managing the investment department of Interenergo. From 2023, he became the director of Interenergo. 

Anton Jukić

Managing Director


Anton Jukić graduated from the Faculty of Economics in 2003. He got a job at the Poteza brokerage, where he worked as a trading manager and procurator until 2009. He continued his journey abroad, where he worked under the auspices of the Danish investment bank Saxo Bank for almost a decade in various management roles, most recently as commercial director for the CEE region. He joined Interenergo in the summer of 2021 as head of trading, and was appointed to the position of director at the beginning of 2023.

Holder of Procuration

Ingo Preiss

Supervisory Board

Reinhard Draxler
Danny Güthlein
Christian Schwarz