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Interenergo is an international Ljubljana-based energy company and one of the largest of its kind in Slovenia. Since 2009, we have been part of the Austrian Kelag Group. Our main activities include electricity trading, construction and management of energy facilities running on renewable energy sources (RES) and energy services. With our affiliated companies, we form the Interenergo Group.

Our goal is to develop projects and solutions that create added value for our partners and the market. We are always active and follow developments in the market, responding to it and integrating trends into our business model. In everything we do, we always take account of our responsibility to the environment, which is at the core of our group’s sustainable orientation.

Interenergo in Figures

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Part of International Environment

We trade electricity in the wholesale market in 17 countries and at 14 international exchanges. We invest in electricity production from renewable energy sources in six European countries. In Slovenia, which is our domestic market, we do not only trade with electricity and invest into renewable energy sources, but also provide energy services.

We do not stop here. We are planning further expansion into new markets that are in line with our goals and a sustainable future for all.


The Group comprises professionally trained and highly motivated professionals from different fields. Knowledgeable and skilful individuals with professional competence  these are qualities that distinguish our employees who contribute to Interenergo’s business excellence. In turn, Interenergo offers them a working environment that encourages and rewards their great enthusiasm and dedication.

13 Years of Interenergo Group


Commencement of trading in emission coupons on the ICE Endex exchange (Netherlands).

Start of construction of one of the largest solar power plants in Anhovo in Slovenia.

Acquisition of a 60% stake in Vjetroelektrane Čardakov, d. o. o. (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a 51% share of PVE Perun, d. o. o. (North Macedonia).


Start of operation in Vrbnica small HPP (Montenegro), managed by the subsidiary MHE Vrbnica, d.o.o.

Acquired 2 HPPS on the Ljutina river (Serbia) by the subsidiary PLC Interenergo, d.o.o.

Acquired wind farm Orjak, d.o.o., which manages the Orjak wind farm (Croatia)

Acquired Energetika Šentrupert, d.o.o. by the subsidiary Eko toplota energetika, d.o.o.

Acquired Osen toplota, d.o.o.

Implementation of the first project of integrated energy renovation of School Centre Kranj

Concluded the first stand-alone contract PPA

Concluded the first partnership agreement in the field of energy contracting abroad (North Macedonia)

Development of our own analytical models of algorithmic operations


Successfully constructed and started operations in the 10 MW Jasenice wind park in Croatia.

Acquired Zarja Ekoenergija, that manages two wood biomass district heating systems.

Entered the market of complete building restorations based on the energy contracting principle. 

Developed the service of managing renewables sources production. 


Joining the HENEX power exchange (Greece).

Trading with financial instruments at the EEX power exchange.

Medna small HPP starts business operations (Bosnia and Herzegovina).

Medna small HPP starts business operations (5 MW).

Acquisition of four small HPP in Kosovo (Decan, Belaje, Lumabrdhi I and II).

8 completed energy contracting projects.


Trading volume exceeded 21 TWh and EUR 891 million of revenue.

Joining the IBEX power exchange (Bulgaria).

Expanding the solar power plant portfolio with a new facility.

Launch of energy services activity.

Conclusion of the first energy contract (ESCO).


Trading volume exceeded 10 TWh and EUR 370 million of revenue.

Joining following power exchanges: SEEPEX (Serbia), OTE (Czech Republic), OKTE (Slovakia), CROPEX (Croatia).

Entering the Swiss network Swissgrid.


Trading volume achieved 7.2 TWh.

Entering the Romanian market.

Zapeće small HPP starts business operations (4 MW).


Expanding the solar power plant portfolio with five new facilities.


Joining the GME Italian power exchange (Italy).


Joining the HUPX power exchange (Hungary).

Installation of and start of production in Martex and Mura solar PPs.

Novakovići small HPP starts business operations (5 MW).

Acquisition of five small HPP in BiH (Jelići, Sastavci, Duboki brook, Ruznovac, Derala).


Company's revenue exceeded EUR 200 million.


Trading volume exceeded 1 TWh.

Poštica small HPP starts business operations (0.7 MW).


Joining the Austrian KELAG Group.


Joining the largest European power exchange EPEX (Germany).


Start of operations.