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13 | December 2023
In the last days of December, as we celebrate the approaching new year, the Interenergo team also takes time to reflect on the past.

We look back at 2023 with pride, acknowledging the milestones we've achieved, the concluded projects, and the new partners who have joined our family. Our driving force is the aspiration to create a bright and green energy future. We are aware that we cannot achieve this alone, for all changes require small and slightly bigger steps from each one of us.

As we enter 2024, may our innovations not only power homes and businesses, but also light the way towards coexistence and the shared pursuit of common goals. In the upcoming year, may our collective energy spark collaboration and a shared vision for a world where we embrace harmony amidst our differences and individuality. 

We wish you peaceful and relaxing holidays and 2024 filled with drive and energy.

Read more about our solar and wind power plants, which coexist in the municipality of Jasenice here