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Integrated Annual Report 2020

Our strategy and business are based on sustainable development. We understand this as business excellence with environmental and social responsibility. It also encompasses the simultaneous development of all six capitals at our disposal and our care for the retention of a dynamic balance.

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2020 highlights



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Net profit


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Significant milestones 2020

  • Signing of the first independent PPA contract for the purchase of electricity from wind farms in Hungary
  • Entering the market of North Macedonia in the field of energy services
  • Takeover of the company and simultaneously the wind farm of the Orjak Wind Farm
  • Acquisition of the company Osen toplota and heat and district heating system in Pivka
  • Start of operation of small HPP Vrbnica

Traditionally, we operated with success

In 2020, the company was marked by a highly increased and development-oriented investment activity in the segment of investments in RES and in the segment of energy services. We invested as much as EUR 36.9 million in investments and new projects, which is approximately twice the usual investment activity in previous years. We invested the most in projects in the field of electricity production from renewable energy sources and in energy systems.

Environmental liability

We are constantly looking for energy solutions that go in the direction of the transition to a low-carbon society, and strive to produce clean energy from water, wind and sun, which are environmentally friendly sources. In various areas of business, we are introducing digitalization and new technologies that have positive effects on the environment.

Integrated Annual Report 2020

Here you have the opportunity to read the integrated full annual report 2020.