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04 | oktober 2023
With the opening of a new solar power plant in the Croatian municipality of Jasenice, where we already built a wind park years ago, we continue our story of the green transition in the region.

Our partners, local and regional representatives, colleagues and media joined us at the opening ceremony, along with Šime Vicković, deputy prefect of Zadar County and Stipe Vulić, the mayor of Jasenice, also welcoming the initiative. The opening was also attended by a special guest, H. E. Dr. Josef Markus Wuketich, the Austrian Ambassador in Croatia.


"In close cooperation with the Municipality of Jasenice and our partners, we have opened our first solar power plant in Croatia today thus taking another important step towards a more sustainable energy future for the region. We have had excellent cooperation with the municipality of Jasenice for many years; initially, our successful cooperation resulted in a wind park, and today, a solar power plant. We are pleased that the municipalities are ready to participate in the development of sustainable energy projects," said Blaž Šterk, director of Interenergo, at the opening of the power plant. With the opening of the Bukovica solar power plant, we added to our portfolio of renewable water, wind and solar resources in the region, which consists of as many as 35 operating projects.

We built the project with several subcontractors and with the support and involvement of the Municipality of Jasenice in 12 months. The solar power plant was built in the hinterland of Zadar, in a hilly area, which made construction challenging due to difficult terrain and extreme weather conditions.

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The mayor of Jasenice, Stipe Vulić, supports the new project and is looking forward to new collaborations: Today, in the moment when we are opening this solar power plant, we are sending a strong message that we are dedicated to changes that will result in cleaner future because solar energy is inexhaustible, clean and environmentally friendly. This solar power plant is not just a technical facility that generates electrical energy, but is also a symbol of our efforts and of our dedication to protecting our environment for future generations, as well as an expression of our vision for a better future. I would also like to praise Interenergo's approach to the local community, which has shown a strong partnership during this period.


At the time of its launch, the Bukovica power plant is ranked among the five largest operating ground-based power plants in Croatia. With 6.25 MWp of power, it will contribute significantly to the energy transition of Croatia and the achievement of the set energy and climate goals.

In addition to energy and economic benefits for the country and the local community, this project gives new meaning to the area in the hinterland of Zadar. The solar power plant and the wind park built in 2020 are located in a degraded area along Zaton Obrovački road, Maslenica, in the municipality of Jasenice. "Long-term and strategic planning allowed us, with the help of power plants, not only to reuse the degraded area and give it new meaning, but also to harness the synergy of two key renewable resources in one location. By developing well-thought-out projects, we strengthen the development of the region and, with the help of the various technological solutions available to us, accelerate the energy transition," remarked Šterk. 

With a total power of 16.25 MWp, the wind and solar power plant supplies more than twelve thousand households with green energy. But even with this addition, our plans in this area are not yet finished. In the next years, the municipality of Zadar plans to build another solar power plant with twice the capacity of Bukovica. Furthermore, there are two more solar power plant projects in the development phase in eastern Croatia. 

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