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solar power plants in Slovenia

07 | July 2021
We will build some of the biggest solar power plants in Slovenia

Solar power plants (SPP) provide a way for reliable and environmentally friendly electricity production, which more and more domestic and foreign companies are opting for. SPP Salonit Anhovo with a total nominal capacity of 2.23 MW represent our biggest SPP construction project according to the model of energy contracting. Construction of the SPP will begin at the end of November 2021 and is expected to be completed in May 2022, when the SPP with the expected annual electricity production of 2,120 MWh will also start operating.


The construction of the SE according to the energy contracting model represents a partnership between the energy consumer in the facility and the energy service provider. The advantage of the business model of energy contracting in the case of SPP Salonit Anhovo is also reflected in the fact that all expected electricity produced, which is approximately 2,120 MWh, will be sold to the company at a fixed price for 25 years, and will be fully consumed within their facility, without a charge for the transmission and distribution network.