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We continue to support investments in renewable energy through Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

31 | October 2023
Power Purchase Agreements are a crucial tool that provides certainty of origin, purchase, and price for various stakeholders in the renewable energy sector, ranging from renewable energy producers and investors to companies utilizing green electricity.

These agreements also represent a significant milestone for society in achieving net-zero emission goals, as they support the ongoing development of renewable energy projects. In recent years, we have witnessed exceptional growth in the PPA market. The year 2023 is expected to set a record in the European Union, with companies reportedly entering into contracts for 7.8 GW of new renewable energy.

In the Interenergo group, we take pride in our contribution to the development of PPAs in Europe. Currently, our focus is on projects in Southeast Europe (SEE). This is reflected in our latest project, where we established a long-term partnership with a renewable energy investor and project developer, Rudis d.o.o. from Trbovlje. In October 2023, Rudis’s subsidiary in Serbia, Balkan Electric, launched its first wind farm in Serbia with a nominal capacity of 9.9 MW. Interenergo, based on the established partnership, will be responsible for production forecasting and the purchase of all generated electrical energy, expected to reach around 30 GWh annually.

Using our extensive trading infrastructure, proprietary analytical models, knowledge, and experience, we enable our partners to access the European wholesale electricity market. In doing so, we provide our partners with security and stability in the development of energy projects, thereby reinforcing our commitment to sustainable and renewable energy solutions.