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Integrated Annual Report 2021

Integrated Annual Report 2021

In the past year, we strived to develop a strategy of three main activities that follow sustainable development. We believe our employees to be of vital importance in the implementation of our strategy, while we simultaneously encourage digitalization and implement modern tools for process automatization. 

2021 highlights

67.9 EUR million


2.9 EUR million

Net profit

6.8 EUR million


8.0 EUR million


Significant milestones

  • Commencement of trading in emission coupons on the ICE Endex exchange (Netherlands).
  • Start of construction of one of the largest solar power plants in Anhovo in Slovenia.
  • Acquisition of a 60% stake in Vjetroelektrane Čardakov, d. o. o. (Bosnia and Herzegovina) and a 51% share of PVE Perun, d. o. o. (North Macedonia).

Flexibility and responding to constant change

2021 was another dynamic year due to ongoing challenges related to the epidemic and subsequent economic expansion. We successfully adapted to external and internal imbalances and ended the year successfully.

We continued to increase our portfolio of solar and wind projects. By investing in a wide range of different technologies, we have developed new projects within the pillar of energy services, where we currently manage more than 30 projects in the region. With an algorithmic approach and the establishment of intraday trading, we made technological progress in the trading department and doubled revenues from electricity sales in 2021. 

Moving forward with a clear strategy

In the last quarter of 2021, we paid a lot of attention to changing and adjusting the operating strategy for the next five-year period. Our commitment to supply energy in an efficient and long-term sustainable way remains unchanged; we will merely increase the scope and intensity of operations.

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