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Annual report 2019

Annual report 2019

We believe that the future lies in the automation of processes, driven by the use of advanced digital tools and methods, including artificial intelligence. All of this artificial intelligence will be guided and developed by human intelligence and it's our primary concern.

2019 highlights

699.3 EUR million


62.5 EUR million


10.3 EUR million


9.5 EUR million


Significant milestones

  • Successfully constructed and started operations in the 10 MW Jasenice wind park in Croatia
  • Acquired Zarja Ekoenergija, that manages two wood biomass district heating systems
  • Entered the market of complete building restorations based on the energy contracting principle
  • Developed the service of managing renewables sources production

Vision of managing directors

We are successfully facing the challenges posed by the spread of the coronavirus epidemic for the health of all of us and in the next step for the economy, right at the time of preparing the report for 2019. It is a global economic challenge that will bring about urgent major changes for the backbone of life and economic development, production, transmission and also distribution of electricity. At this point, no one has clear answers yet. The answers will come from the activities; as far as the region is concerned, also the activities of Interenergo as an increasingly important player on the energy map of Slovenia and the region.

Company activities

By introducing digitalization, artificial intelligence and other new technologies in various areas of business we are constantly trying to have a positive impact on the environment.


RES Management

Investments in RES

Energy services

Environmental liability

Environmental liability is always placed at the heart of our activities. By introducing new technologies in different areas of business, we also ensure that our business operations are more than optimised in an environmentally responsible way.

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